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The EtapaVeloz offers a good solution in awnings, covers, sails in different fabrics and blinds.

In addition to having quality equipment and professionals for its realization.

About Us

The company started its activities in 2007 in the city of Loulé making Awnings, Blinds, Blinds, Mosquito nets, Coverings, Parking Awnings and other ranges of awnings.


Our differential is to provide services that satisfy the customer and thus reaching our main target audiences, which are homes and businesses.


Our main mission is to always provide services with maximum efficiency and quality and always seek to improve and perfect each service provided.

About Us


Cassette Awning

The Cassette awning is quite discreet when fully retracted, going unnoticed and leaving its facade free. It confers self-protection on its own mechanism. Once collected, it is completely protected from harmful and polluting elements.

Retractable Awning

Can be used on terraces, gardens and esplanades and balconies. These awnings can be installed with an electric motor and wind sensor, which will automatically close the awning in bad weather.

Semi Cassette Awning

Semi-cassette Awnings use a system based on two extensible arms that are placed under the fabric, allowing great mobility around the installation and guaranteeing a good level of beauty to the places. It can be used both in the automatic system and it is also possible to use it in the manual system.

Awning Europe / Shell

This awning is a good option to protect from the sun and rain, doors and windows of street commercial spaces, such as shops, cafes, restaurants, and others. We have several PVC screen options   that can be customized according to each customer's business.

Exterior Vertical Awning

The Vertical awning is specially designed for outdoor use, resistant and suitable for all types of environmental rigor. In addition, it allows you to filter out UV rays before they reach the interior of the environment.

Sails Coverings

Shade Sails offer a practical and stylish alternative to traditional canopies or awnings - and they last longer. Its unique sail fabric material allows hot air to circulate and escape, ensuring an excellent and refreshing shade.


Coverings in PVC canvas, guarantees good shading, aesthetics and harmony to your environment and the best is well protected from UV rays and rainy weather, as its surface is made of waterproof material.

Pergola Awning

Connected to the facade or installed as a self-supporting structure, the pergola provides a new space to enjoy. Made entirely with textile products, installed in the gardens, the pergola even increases the aesthetic value of the house.


Umbrellas are a flexible alternative to use on a terrace, balcony or garden. Easy to use, you can open it on days when the sun is out, as well as take it back when you want, leaving the outside area free.

Coverings in Intertwined Strips

PVC strips is a type of covering that offers aesthetics and at the same time protection from UV rays and is highly tensile and resistant to wind and rain. They can be modeled in various ways and have color combinations.


Blinds of various types, with motorized and manual systems and we do everything to measure. In Blinds, light transmission and fabric opening are critical factors in controlling light filtering while maintaining the transparency of the exterior.

Parking Coverage

steel sinkers in concrete shoes on site, making them highly resistant to winds. The screens normally used are PVC or highly resistant micro-perforated screens, tensioned using steel cables.



Excellent service. Best price by far compared to others in the Algarve. Delivered and fitted on time. Recommended!

- Martin JC

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